We have fully trained technicians in Methamphetamine Property Contamination testing to comply with on-site sample collection to NZS-8510:2017 standard, with swab samples collected from site be tested by an accredited laboratory.

Instant test kits do not comply with the NZS-8510:2017, should only ever be used as a basic guide, and can only be considered as accurate as the selection of sample sites and the collection of the samples.

Our testing by suitably trained and competent sample collection technicians will identify the correct locations to collect each sample, and the lab report will determine the presence and contamination concentration of not only Methamphetamine, but also Amphetamine, Pseudoephedrine. & Ephedrine – all extremely harmful substances for humans or pets.

Protect your family, health and investment for a small investment to give your property a clean bill of health.

Also consider getting us to put a “warrant of fitness” on your rental property after each change of tenancy.

This will make monitoring when any contamination occurs and pinpoint who may be responsible.

It also is a great deterrent for tenants to manufacture, hold or use any of the illegal and harmful substances on your premises.

Depending on what your needs are we can test for the presence of contamination, or we can test for specific locations and concentration levels for each area of the house.

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