Inspection & Consultancy Services Ltd have extensive experience with all types of building inspections with coating-related aspects.

While not limited only to residential, commercial or specific purpose-built structures, Inspection & Consultancy Services Ltd have the ability to carry out the following types of inspections;-

  • Residential painting work – often with reviewing painting specifications or painting contractor quotations, and defect analysis and dispute mediations between home owners and painting contractors
  • Roof inspections – inspecting both residential and commercial roofs for Condition Assessment, specification appraisal or review, writing specification, QA Inspections with in-progress painting projects, project management of significant roof painting projects, and defect analysis and dispute mediations
  • Commercial building coating inspections and coating appraisals, roof and walls, internal and external, ground-level and working at height, QA Inspections of either in-progress painting work or completed painting projects, writing or appraisal of specifications, defect analysis and disputes mediation.
  • Leaking buildings – where coating or waterproof membranes are part of either the cause or the cure
  • Painting projects with historical or heritage significance (such as steel windows in buildings with a heritage classification). Writing or appraisals of specification, QA inspections, defect analysis and project management.


A sample of buildings that ICS has been involved with

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shapeimage_2 (3)
01_5 (3)
02 (3)
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01_1 (7)
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ICS inspectors are capable to inspect buildings and other structures from ladders, rope access, swinging stage, and elevated Work Platforms (EWP).