NACE CIP Level 3


Managing Director & Senior Coating Inspector/Consultant

Phill has been an Independent Coating Inspector since 1997, and currently holds;-

  • NACE CIP LEVEL 3 Inspection Qualification,
  • CBIP CIP (Certification Board for Inspection Personnel)
  • ACA (Australasian Corrosion Association) Coating Inspection Qualification.
  • ACA Coating Selection & Specification Certificate
  • ACA Hot Dip Galvanizing Inspector Program Certificate,
  • NZTA-approved Bridge Inspector course certificate.

Training and Assessor certificates;-

  • Level 4 Adult Trainer with NZQA Unit Standards 7091 & 7115,
  • NZQA 4098 Use standards to assess candidate performance
  • NZQA 11281 Prepare candidate(s) for assessment against standards
  • NZQA 18203 Verify evidence for assessment.

Phill holds IRATA Level 1 Rope Access certification to carry out inspections at height and from ropes where needed.

Phill has extensive in-field experience in all types of coating work, starting initially as a private car painter, through to an industrial blaster and painter, and then moving into manager of a Blast and Paint company before becoming a third-party inspector. Phill has also been in work roles of management in most of his working career, which spanned from an apprentice horticulturist, through to farm produce sales rep and livestock agent, an owner-driver courier and Branch Manager of the courier company, Blast and Paint Company Manager, Transport Manager, and then onto Third-party Coating Inspector for 7 years before starting ICS by himself.

Phill also carries out Works Management (WM) and RAE work (Restricted Access Entry supervision in Sub Stations), along with other Project Management roles such as ETC (Engineer-To-Contract & Clerk of Works), and Project Manager.




Tane is a NACE Level 2 coating inspector.

He had significant experience as a tower blaster/painter prior to joining the ICS team, and has both hands-on experience and inspection skills that puts him amongst some of the better tower painting inspectors in the industry.

Tane is very competent and experienced in carrying out Condition Assessment inspections prior to painting project tendering, and on-site QA inspections during painting works of projects.

Tane is the team leader for our tower painting work, and maintains a good working relationship between ICS and both the client and service provider/contractor.




Britney is the office administrator and handles most of the incoming calls, books and orders most supplies, and maintains the filing and distribution of site reports, technical reports, and other reporting to clients.

Britney is a big part of the company organization and is the heart of the office.



NACE Level 2

Kenny is our newest member to the team with NACE Level 2 Coating Inspection Certificate.

Kenny has over 10 years experience as a tower painter throughout New Zealand, and has competencies such as WM that will be used as supervision roles within sub stations.

Kenny has proven to have a lot of knowledge in tower painting activities.



Project & Contracts Co-Ordinator Team Leader

NACE Level 1 Coating Inspector

Mike has a wide range of skills and roles, and is a coating inspector in-training.

Mike is the team Leader for Projects & Contract work, and maintains an impeccable safety and documentation  standard for our projects that keeps us safe and within the regulations.

Mike has WM competency for substation supervision roles.

Mikes roles includes;-

  • WM supervision
  • Alcohol & Drug testing
  • Electrical Test & Tag
  • Administrative and Commercial roles
  • Marketing
  • Trainee Tower structure inspector
  • Nace Level 1 Coating Inspector

Deon Kotze

Project & Contracts Co-Ordinator

Permit Recipient

Deon has extensive experience with substations and high voltage industry and has worked on some large projects previously throughout New Zealand, and other countries including his homeland South Africa.

Deon has Permit Recipient competency, and will be carrying out WM roles standover roles, and if the need arises Permit Recipient roles with projects in substations predominately.