Inspection & Consultancy Services have significant experience with coating projects on pressure or special vessels.

The roles of Inspection & consultancy Services Ltd to date have been either third-party QA inspections of in-progress surface preparation and painting works, and Condition Assessment and compilation of specifications of aged coatings on vessels.

The scope of involvement with vessels has included;-

  • write specifications
  • carry out Condition Assessment inspections
  • Third Party QA inspections of;-
  • Pre-surface preparation
  • Surface preparation (profile, blast standard, etc.)
  • Soluble chloride testing
  • Application (witness WFT, etc.)DFT of coatings
  • Application DFT of coatings
  • Holiday Testing (Wet Sponge Low Voltage or High Voltage Spark Test)
  • Visual inspection for non-holiday defects
  • Defect and fault analysis of coatings


A sample of vessel painting jobs ICS has been involved with

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01_2 (3)
01_3 (3)
01_5 (2)
03 (2)
01_1 (5)
01_4 (3)