Phill Dravitski has had over 15 years of being a Third-Party Coating Inspector, and has considerable experience of being involved with the Project Management roles of coating projects.

The Project Management roles can be tailored to meet and compliment the client’s requirements and capabilities.

Inspection & Consultancy Services Ltd can realize some rationalization and cost efficiency for the project (and ultimately the client) by providing on-site services for the duration of the coating project that incorporates the Quality Assurance and monitoring of the paint coating works, as well as being able to micro-manage ” other works” to coincide ( or at least not hold up or anything else be held up) with painting requirements.

The involvement of Inspection & Consultancy Services Ltd can include;-

  • Writing of specification
  • Appraisal of generic or specific specifications
  • Compile and/or appraise Scope of Works and methodology statements
  • Prepare tender documentation with scope and specification documentation
  • Site visits for pre-tender meetings
  • Evaluation of tenders
  • Project Management of the complete coating project (either on-site 100% or remote with some site meetings)
  • On-site qualified coating inspector (100% on-site or for Hold/witness points)
  • Integrating “other” services and contractors, supplying “other” services as sub-contractors if needed

Inspection & Consultancy Services Ltd are available for Project Management services of any coating project no matter what size or value of the project.