Quarry equipment is operated in dusty and damp conditions, with high levels of impact from rock and aggregate extremely hard on any coating.

Inspection & Consultancy Services Ltd has been involved extensively coating projects on new and refurbished quarry equipment.

Inspection & Consultancy Services Ltd have been involved in the normal third-party QA inspections, or where rectification work of unsatisfactory coating work on a large scale is needed to comply with specification requirements.

Typical roles in the structural steel projects include;-

  • write specifications
  • carry out Condition Assessment inspections
  • Third Party QA inspections during or following surface preparation and painting
  • defect and fault analysis of coatings


A sample of quarry equipment painting jobs ICS has been involved with

01 (4)
01_2 (2)
01_4 (2)
30 (1)
01_1 (4)
01_3 (2)
10 (1)
03 (1)