Inspection & Consultancy Services Ltd have the capabilities as qualified coating inspectors to carry out inspections, defect or fault analysis, and provide both back-up and mediation services for automotive disputes or projects.

Inspection & Consultancy Services Ltd are not limited to handling just disputes or disagreements where automotive painting has not necessarily gone as some parties would have liked, but also some other modes of transport where painted coatings are required.

Inspection & Consultancy Services Ltd have carried out inspections of automotive painting work, typically where there is a dispute over the quality or value for money which sometimes happens between the vehicle owner and automotive painter/repairer.

Most automotive disputes that Inspection & Consultancy Services Ltd have been involved in over the years have been either show cars, heavily-modified vehicles, or high-end or exotic automobiles.

Reports from Inspection & Consultancy Services Ltd have previously been used successfully in disputes both in mediation and Disputes Tribunal hearings.


A sample of paint jobs on various modes of transportation that ICS has been involved with

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