Structural steel is often galvanized, and Inspection & Consultancy Services Ltd has been involved extensively with clients and Hot Dip Galvanizers around New Zealand to improve the quality of service life from galvanizing coating.

Often, much of the structural steel is not inspected due to contract constraints, although Inspection & Consultancy Services have been involved in a number of structural steel jobs where either new structural steel has to be inspected (decorative and aesthetic reasons), or where there are concerns or defects with structural steel.

Inspection & Consultancy Services Ltd have been involved in the normal third-party QA inspections, as well as being in Project Management roles of large structural steel projects, or where rectification work of unsatisfactory coating work on a large scale is needed to comply with specifications or building codes.

Typical roles in the structural steel projects include;-

  • write specifications
  • carry out Condition Assessment inspections
  • Third Party QA inspections
  • defect and fault analysis of coatings
  • Project management roles of significant structural steel projects


A sample of structural painting jobs ICS has been involved with

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